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Trevor and Friends // Love and Information Creative Portraits

As soon as I saw Lewis & Clark College's Spring Main Stage production of Love and Information by Caryl Churchill, I knew I wanted to shoot on the set, designed by my pal Trevor. His design was a series of minimalist, bright white, diorama-like light boxes arranged in a circle around the audience. My photos don't capture it perfectly since I had to bring my own lights, being unable to use the theatre's lights, but I think the brilliance and beauty of the design still comes across (seriously, this guy is going to go places). Anyway, I called in a horde of friends to play with the different scenes in each box and we had a fun few hours shooting into the night. Shout-out and thanks to Kushi, Stan, Louis, Amaya, and Hannah for being so willing to jump into this project headfirst with such last-minute notice - you're all great.

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