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Jose and Sally // HWY 26 Creative Portraits

My friend Jose who I sing with in choir was one of five people randomly chosen for a free shoot in my 500 Likes contest on Facebook and so we spent a couple fun months designing it. We settled on sort of an overly-artsy, super bizarre, cherry pie-themed, styled sort of sexy boudoir faux engagement out in a couple secluded wooded locations off of HWY 26. The first spot, where the styled table setting portion of the shoot took place, was in the woods outside the Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals, the second part was in some even more remote woods on some private property (whoops) in Timber, OR. All-in-all, this ended up actually being the weirdest shoot I've ever done - like, they took off their clothes and threw cherries at each other - what the hell was I thinking? Some of the pictures are pretty, but also I'm very okay just pretending this never happened (feel free to join me).

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