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Erin // Orange Grove Boudoir Session

I had to wait two months to post these photos! Erin and I secretly did this shoot back when I visited Arizona in October as a fun gift for her boyfriend, but now that their anniversary has passed, I can finally do a post about them! We met early morning in some orange groves that had personal significance to her and her boyfriend for an orange-themed boudoir shoot (she even knit herself an orange bra - it was almost too cute). The groves were beautiful, but very muddy (I somehow avoided falling in the mud - don't ask me how). After that we relocated to her adorable bedroom to give the photos a personal touch. Hilariously, we were really short on time to make sure the surprise wasn't ruined, and so we didn't have time to clean the mud off of our feet before doing the second part of the shoot (well-trained eyes may be able to spot a single muddy foot in the last photo). Anyway, Erin was, as always, a natural model and a total delight to work with - I really hope we can shoot again soon!

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