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Amaya // Corbett Mansion Boudoir Session

The list of hoops I had to jump through was extensive, but I somehow finally managed to get permission to do a boudoir shoot in the Corbett Mansion on Lewis & Clark's South Campus. The mansion was originally built in the 1920s for the Hamilton Corbett family, but Lewis & Clark purchased the property in 2000 from the Sisters of St. Francis, a Catholic teaching order. Our shoot took place in what has become known as The Blue Room, which Lewis & Clark sometimes apparently uses as a "getting ready" room for weddings hosted on campus. Anyway, Amaya and I had a great time doing this shoot and the fact that Lewis & Clark gave us permission to use the space (ordinarily off-limits to students) is yet another testament to the lengths the school will go to support its student's endeavors. Thanks to Campus Safety, Conferences and Events, Amaya, and everyone else who helped make this shoot possible.

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